About Us

Dheerta is a network-centric B2B platform designed specifically to meet the fabric and garment related business needs and requirements across India.

It is a brokerage free contact sharing platform which aims to bring in traders, wholesalers, manufactures and brands across India onto a single digital platform.

Dheerta platform provides all its members with real time updates and insights into current market trends (Contracting entity will be Rawthread Networks Pvt Ltd).

B2B platform For Fabric & Garment

Our Services

Dheerta is a one stop solution to all your garment and fabric related enquiries.


Buyers and sellers of garment and fabric across INDIA.

  • • With DHEERTA, you can reach out to buyers and sellers across the country.
  • • Suppliers can look for target markets and prospective buyers in any particular category across nation.
  • • Buyers can look for better designs and cheaper price options.
  • • Grow your network through our platform and get the right business connection.


As per your requirements and feasibility.

  • • No more spending extra money as brokerage fees.
  • • Direct Buyer – Seller connection.
  • • Choose the right Buyer/Seller from the wide array of options available on our platform.
  • • Don’t settle for less. Find the right connections that suit your needs and requirements.


Your network

  • • Dheerta is a platform which will help you establish your brand and grow your network. This will help you to scale up your business in the future.
  • • Dheerta will help you increase your brand’s product visibility across India by being in your office.
  • • Buyers can expand their line of business by adding products of different designs and age groups.
  • • You are just a click away from searching for the right client and connecting with them.