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B2B platform For Fabric & Garment

Get welcome bonus of Rs.200 in your Dheerta wallet, when you register on our platform.

B2B platform

Dheerta charges Rs.100/connection. This charge will be deducted from your Dheerta wallet.

Fabric & Garment

Refer your friends and earn Rs.300 in your Dheerta wallet, when they register on our platform.


B2B platform For Fabric & Garment


Buy fabrics & garments as per your requirement by selecting a sub-category from the drop down menu. You can use the filter option to select a specific region in India.

Click on suitable profiles from the available sellers list and get re-directed to their profile page. Here you can find detailed information on the varieties of products they deal in.

You can also check the number of connections they have received with their call pick-up rates and likes. This will help give you a better understanding of their work.

Once you are satisfied with their work, click on GET CONTACT.


Find new buyers across India. Get a list of prospective buyers by selecting suitable options from the drop down menu.

You can also visit their profile, check year of establishment, connections and understand their work pattern.

Once you are satisfied with their work, you can place a call to the buyer and promote your products. This will help you in promoting your brand and market your products to new buyers.

Fabric & Garment

Stock lot

All eyes on this option. Perhaps this is the gold for every buyer and easy stock liquidation process for sellers. The concept of stock lots Is basically to push off old goods at a lucrative price. Buyers get to buy goods at a cheaper price. Sellers get to push off left over goods. While the old prices and new discounted prices will be mentioned, there is always a little scope to get better deals. Go ahead call the seller and grab goods at exciting prices.

Open enquiry

We make purchasing easier for buyers and help sellers understand the market requirement and provide opportunity to connect with new buyers.

Buyers can place an enquiry by filling in exact details of their requirements including their target price, quantity required of a specific product and expiry date.

This will help the sellers to understand the urgency of the same. Interested sellers can connect and convert the enquiry into sale.


Conversion Unit

It is the process of converting fabric into garment. For this process we provide equipments ranging from printing units to pack units and much more.

Dheerta helps buyers to establish their brand in the market by providing them with contacts that are needed to scale up their fabric and garmenting business.

We understand the pain sellers have to go through to find required machinery to fulfill the requirements. Our platform provides sellers with the right contacts to get their fabrics processed into garments